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Leadership Skills & Leadership Vision leads to Leadership Perspective

The Hon. Gregory Slayton

Former US Ambassador, Ivy League Professor of Leadership & Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist

In 2019 Family First Global (FFG) (www.FamilyFirstGlobal.org), in conjunction with our partners at Family First Singapore (FFS), hosted the first LS360 ever. Global CEOs, such as Pat Gelsinger (now the CEO of Intel Corp) and Anthony Tan (CEO of Grab), keynoted the sold-out event, which was hosted at the Mandarin Orchard hotel. Partners included the Government of Singapore (via MSF) and great Singapore corporations and non-profits. LS360 2019 was widely hailed as a tremendous success.

MSF and our corporate and non-profit sponsors showed strong interest in supporting another LS360 in 2020. Unfortunately, Covid forced the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 events. It is our plan to host the LS360 2022 on August 30, 2022, with the full support of MSF and Singapore’s corporate and non-profit community.

The Leadership Summit 360 Initiative

Hosted by Family First Global, the mission of this conference is to help leaders across Singapore and around S.E.Asia epand their Noble Leadership Vision and sharpen their Servant Leadership skills. The Vision for this year’s LS360 hasn’t changed but the reach of the conference has expanded dramatically. Not only will we have hundreds of leaders meeting in person in Singapore; we will have many tens of thousands more joining us virtually from all over the world.



Our Goal, vision & mission

The Mission of the LS360 is to help SG and regional leaders in all segments expand their Leadership Vision and improve their Leadership Skills, leading to measurable improvements in the well-being of their stakeholders, community, and family.

Our Vision is to host a successful LS360 2022 on August 30th in Singapore and again in 2023 to benefit many thousands of senior leaders and their families/organizations/communities, while also launching LS360 events in other major Asian cities starting in 2023 or 2024.

The overriding Goal of LS360 is to help senior managers from all segments (for-profit,non-profit, Government, education, faith based and others) to improve their Leadership Vision and Skills by widening and sharpening their Leadership Perspective. Instead of focusing only on profits, for example, our Keynote Speakers will help attendees to see the wisdom of broadening their Leadership Perspective to include their community, their stakeholders, and their family.

"Leadership is Destiny"

– The Hon. Gregory W. Slayton –

“As you will see, you are called to be a minister while in the workforce and living in the marketplace.”

– Mr. Pat Gelsinger – “The Juggling Act” –